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We want to establish tokensales as a smart and feasible opportunity to raise capital.

The emerge of cryptocurrencies can be claimed with no doubt as one of the most groundbreaking developments since the advent of the internet. Above all Bitcoin has raised international attention, boosting the market and awaking the desire to participate from the token-revolution. Cryptocurrencies are changing the financial sector completely, calling both, companies as well as investors up to reconsider the way investments takes places.

UnitedCrowd is a full service tokensale launching agency that will manage every aspect of your tokensale project from company formation to exchange listing. We assist our clients with their tokensale market entry, capital funding, investor relations, blockchain development, and feasibility assessments.

German Stock Corporation

We are a registered German stock corporation with a registered supervisory board. Our headquarter is in lovely Cologne, Germany.

No Scam

UnitedCrowd has been an active player since 2016 with real clients and real employees. And we only advice tokensales after our UnitedCrowd Quality Check and follow principles like EBDM, KYC and AML.

Tradable Utility Token

We create a utility token and will not offer short-term returns in the form of interests or dividends. Instead our token-holders are rewarded by a token repurchase program in order to shorten the total amount available for trading at exchanges.

Diverse Advisory Board

Our advisory board brings together expertise and experience from a range of technology entrepreneurship and financial markets backgrounds, including blockchain software and application development, digital marketing, financial markets regulation, cryptocurrency, commodities and currencies trading.

Investor and Marketing Network

Community building and networking is a key aspect of a well constructed tokensale. With our extensive network we are able to connect you to a strong network of business partners, mainstream and crypto media, blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, and contributors from around the globe.

Experienced Team

Our team has worked on over 40+ startup projects and has years of crowdfunding expertise in working with some of the largest blockchain and enterprises companies in the world.

What is UnitedCrowd about? Our Onepager will explain the idea behind UCTx.
The First Tokenization Accelerator

UnitedCrowd will function as a tokensale accelerator. Out of those startups who cannot pay our service, we will tokenize the best and most promising ones in exchange for equity shares from their own token only.

Entrepreneurs receive the opportunity to raise investor funds by a tokensale, UnitedCrowd and all UCTx holder profit from the increase in value and the market benefits from new business models. With the purchase of UCTx you not only support us, but also high quality start-ups that will be tokenized by us. UCTx holder will not only profit from their economic success but also from the increase in value of our token participations.

Our advisory board brings together expertise from a range of technology entrepreneurship and financial markets.
Ulrich Kemp - UnitedCrowd
Ulrich Kemp
COO T-Systems & LG Germany / MD Fujitsu Siemens Germany / Executive Board HP
Ibrahim Evsan - UnitedCrowd
Ibrahim Evsan
Social Influencer / Management Consultant / Keynote Speaker
Rainer Symanski - UnitedCrowd
Rainer Symanski
Business Angel & Digital Accelerator / Chairman of the Board MT AG / Executive Partner Substanzcheck
Holger Malz - UnitedCrowd
Holger Malz
Entrepreneur & Personal Coach / Bitcoin Campus
Laila Dahlhaus - UnitedCrowd
Laila Dahlhaus
Crypto Enthusiast
Pierre Gärtner - UnitedCrowd
Pierre Gärtner
Legal Assistance
Our team has worked on over 40+ startups and has years of expertise in working with some of the largest companies in the world.
Michael Göymen - UnitedCrowd
Michael Göymen
Co-Founder & CEO
André Wendt - UnitedCrowd
André Wendt
Co-Founder & COO
Christian Schwarz - UnitedCrowd
Christian Schwarz
Till Zier - UnitedCrowd
Till Zier
Mihail Berlant - UnitedCrowd
Mihail Berlant
Business Analyst
Anja Heinrichs - UnitedCrowd
Anja Heinrichs
Concept Design
Werner Laga - UnitedCrowd
Werner Laga
R&D Manager / Compliance
Benjamin Steffens - UnitedCrowd
Benjamin Steffens
Dario Civale - UnitedCrowd
Dario Civale
Yasemin Uygun - UnitedCrowd
Yasemin Uygun
Mehmet Atmaca - UnitedCrowd
Mehmet Atmaca
Key Account
Rudolf Schütze - UnitedCrowd
Rudolf Schütze
Key Account
Gilberto Volkmann - UnitedCrowd
Gilberto Volkmann
UI/UX Designer
Sebastian Grebe - UnitedCrowd
Sebastian Grebe
Dhaval Solanki - UnitedCrowd
Dhaval Solanki
Senior Developer
Sagar Radadiya - UnitedCrowd
Sagar Radadiya
Mobile Developer
Christian Heuser - UnitedCrowd
Christian Heuser
Art Director
Gregor Volkmann - UnitedCrowd
Gregor Volkmann
Software Architect
How is the UnitedCrowd Token (UCTx) designed?

We will not offer short-term returns in the form of interests or dividends. Instead our token-holders are rewarded by a token repurchase program, we buy back UCTx monthly and keep them.

Pre-emptive right

UnitedCrowd token holder and community members have the pre-emptive right to purchase a reserved contingent of 80% of the pre-sale tokens of our clients.

Voting Rights

We want to actively involve our community in future decisions. This is why every UCTx has a voting right. And for all, who assist us, e.g. by spreading the word about UnitedCrowd, our bounty programs offer attractive rewards in the form of tokens.

Community Board

The voting right also applies to the election of the “Board of Community”, that
monitors all our rating decisions. UCTx holders can become a member themselves, propose and elect candidates.

Airdrops for
Partner Tokensales

Moreover UCTx-Holder have the option to purchase tokens of all tokensales that we realise before white-sale at whitelist status at special discount prices. Therfore UnitedCrowd reserves a special contingent of white-sale tokens of each implemented tokensale, which will be exclusively available with 50% discount for UCTx-Holders only (UC-Community Contigent).
Our Sales and Discount Stages
Main Sale
These are the next steps and milestones we have planned
These are the next steps and milestones we have planned

Presale terms state that contributors will be granted with the option to receive additional tokens for 4 different investing periods ranging from 6 months to 3 years. Creating this lockup mechanism is an effective way to ensure a fair tokensale offering.

In order to make UCTx token distribution process more efficient, the UCTx price will now be linked to BTC:

1 UCTx = 0.01 EUR
Fund distribution
  • UCTx Token
  • UCTx Hard Cap
  • UCTx Soft Cap
  • EUR Token Price
Token distribution
  • % Main Sale
  • % Team & Equity
  • % Advisors & Legal
  • % Bounty
  • % Company Reserve
  • % White-Sale
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